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Full of life! Four things you ought to know about active vacation in Central Dalmatia

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Bike&hike, big game fishing, sailing, diving, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, horse-riding, paintball, zip line – possibilities are endless and only one life to live!  In Central Dalmatia they live it up to the hilt!

Beauty is in the movement – claim recreationists, sportsmen and active vacation enthusiasts. It offers a sense of freedom, makes you push the boundaries, open new vistas, feel pleasure, fulfilment and bursts of energy.

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All it takes to experience real adventure is to get out of your comfort zone – Split-Dalmatia County is one of the rare places that offers extremely wide range of possibilities for this.

Slow down, what’s the hurry? Surprisingly, this well-known saying in Dalmatia depicts contemporary adventurers the best. They don’t rush around a destination, spending their vacation in superficial, fast-paced tours. On the contrary, they truly soak up the atmosphere of a destination, often taking two or three days for hanging out with locals to be shown places they otherwise would never visit.

They enjoy in wild beauty of Dalmatian Zagora, leisure island lifestyle, discover rich heritage of coastal towns – some even on a bike. With a total of 128 cycling roads Split-Dalmatia County is one of the most desired cycling destinations.

Visitors’ goals vary from conquering mountain peaks, testing one’s fitness on hilly terrains, riding along the Cetina valley or near Red and Blue Lake, discovering old churches and architecture; whatever your aim is, you’ll have a priceless experience!

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For those not afraid to get off the beaten track Guests in search of active vacation are most often environmentally conscious so they avoid asphalt and prefer to move along macadam and country roads. True challenge present hiking and mountaineering roads, which Central Dalmatia abounds in.

Spending time in nature makes you environmentally conscious, develops sense for natural habitats and your own health and helps to reduce noise and pollution – claim those in favour of bike&hike tourism, who find Central Dalmatia an absolute hit!

Biokovo, Dinara, Vidova gora…are hikers’ and free climbers’ favourite destinations, while experienced riders enjoy in famous equestrian clubs in Dalmatian Zagora, often choosing extended tours that last for several days.

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It’s easier in a team Calm sea is a unique experience if you choose kayaking, and they say that it’s best to do it on Brač, Hvar and Vis. For sailing some wind comes in handy – together with an experienced skipper to take you to most secret Dalmatian bays.

Those in love with big game fishing have discovered Dalmatia as well, while divers have been familiar with it for a while now, so there is an abundance of diving centres to take you to a dive of your life. Whoever visited the Cetina was breath-taken. From its spring in Zagora to its mouth in Omiš, it conquers with its beauty along all 104 kilometres.

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For years it has been a number one destination for rafting and canoeing, equally enjoyed by the domestic and foreign visitors; don’t worry about your fitness level – all’s easier in a team!

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Zip line – an experience to remember Those who are afraid of heights will miss one of the most beautiful views of the Cetina river. Descending along 2 100 metres long steel rope above the river in Omiš is really a thing anyone can do.

Believe us, you’re well-secured, you get a short training and as a bonus – a walk in beautiful nature.

Fear is to be overcome – say experienced adventurers who slide along Omiš’s zip line with the greatest ease. Listen to them and do not miss an experience to remember for the rest of your life!


Photo:, archive of tourist boards of Split – Dalmatia County

This post is also available in: Croatian