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We visited Buenos Aires, heart of Argentina!

Write: Maja Zlokić

There is no better way of getting familiar with a country than hanging out with locals. This absolutely works in Buenos Aires, because of its charm and European architecture often called the South American Paris, where socializing is a number one priority and where everyone knows how to dance.

It is a home of one of the most passionate people we know. It gave us tango, Maradona, Messi, and  one of the kindest popes ever! Of course, it is Argentina we’re talking about – a place where to withhold a kiss for ‘’hello’’ and ‘’goodbye’’ is considered rude. It’s as if the sun is a bit warmer there, a smile truly contagious, joy as inwrought by birth! Every true party lover wants to visit Argentina and Buenos Aires, and if you’re planning to do so, we bring you top 8 ‘not to miss’ attractions!

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1. Take a photo at Plaza de Mayo. At Plaza de Mayo stands the Casa Rosada, named for its distinctive pink color. With its pink façade and palace-like design, the governmental house has served as the backdrop to countless numbers of protests, famous speeches and significant moments in Argentina’s history. Today the building houses the Argentina President’s offices, where free hour-long guided tours are given at weekends and must be booked online in advance.

2) Dance Tango in La Boca (but not by night in any case)!
Old port district famous for colourful houses and sandy street Caminito, has pronounced European twist, therefore it is no surprising that its first residents were Italians from Genova!

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You will be delighted by its shabby slum houses painted in variety of colours, an abundance of merchants and performers; but it is safe only during the day.

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This district vibrates in tango rhythms and locals’ laughter – if you want to find the best street dancers and the best entertainment in the middle of the day, don’t look any further!

3. Enjoy in spectacular sunset in Puerto Madero district!
A view of the Puente de la Mujer bridge will show you that this neighbourhood presents the most modern architectural trends in Buenos Aires, and it is nice to know that a lot of guests from Croatia stay here!

4. Try tasty Argentinian beefsteak!
You can do this is some of the best restaurants in the city: visit magical Ralph’s that will surprise you with its impressive interior, but also with dishes like Tiradito, Ceviche, Osobuco Ravioli, or  Don Julio restaurant that has the best barbecue dishes -especially tasty is national dish Parilla!

5. Do not miss night life in Buenos Aires
After rich meal, somewhere around midnight, people go to bars. Palermo Soho and Hollywood are the centre of city’s night life with hundreds of clubs and bars and music for everyone. Whether you are in love with samba, jazz, dance… and the list is long – this is a nation whose priority is –socializing! Visit Fioreia, Nicky house, Frank’s, Pony Land, Isabel..

Argentinian gastro & bar scene is real art, with offer of drinks from all around the world, …make sure to try cocktails, every bar has at least one unique in its offer, created by their cocktail master.

6. Visit famous La Recoleta!
Recoleta is a north part of the city – it is clean, safe and weel-organized. Enjoy in visiting many monuments and French-Parisian architecture of villas and palaces, especially on Avenida Alvear part! This is a shopping district with hotels and night life, where several cultural institutions are located: National Museum of Fine art, National Library and culture centre Recoleta.

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It is famous for La Recoleta graveyard, the final resting place of many great and famous people, where you will encounter great number of its most peculiar residents – cats!

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7. Take a ride on the Amazonian delta of Parana river!
Tigre town, named after big cat that looks like a mixture of tiger and jaguar, will offer pleasures in magical flora and fauna and a relaxation from city jungle of Buenos Aires. It is situated on delta of the Parana river, which is one of the most attractive parts of Buenos Aires surrounding due to its river branches, rivers and many green areas.

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Sediments of this river form islands on delta that give the water special red-brownish colour!

8. Buenos Aires – city of culture and one of the most important cities in South America. Museums, galleries, theaters, libraries, and all other world famous institutions are situated in Buenos Aires.

Stadium in La Boca


  1. Argentina, which means land made of silver, is the second biggest country in South America and eighth largest in the world.
  2. This country has been facing high inflation for decades. In one period, annual inflation was as high as 5 000 %.
  3. Since 2001 Argentina has had 5 presidents.
  4. Spanish people came here in 1516, while Argentina became independent 300 years later. Small indigenous nations have died out, and today’s Argentina residents are mainly of European descent.
  5. Spanish language is different from those you learnt in school. Here it is mixed with Italian. They use a special form of conjugation. Also, they use abbreviations a lot. For example, ”Tello” is short for hotel.  No automatic alt text available.
  6. Country of high-quality wines
    Argentina was the biggest wine producer outside European continent up until nineties. Today it is the biggest and the most important wine producer in South America, and the 5th greatest in the world. Wine production mainly takes place in Mendoza.
  1. Argentinian friend – a friend for life
    We’ve already mentioned that Argentinians life for fun, they gladly hang out and are true friends. Very often friendships with Argentinians last for life. The entire week is reserved for hanging out with friends. Sundays they spend with their families.
  1. The rise of ”love hotels”
    Just when you think that you’ve found a decent accommodation for a decent price, double check if it’s a love hotel, legally rented by the hour. What can happen is (like it did to us): you’ve just fell asleep, and you’re already awaken by a sound of a telephone…you answer the phone and not very kind receptionist tells you that you must leave the hotel in 10 min. In Argentina, as in our country, many people still live with their parents in their 30s, so these love hotels are entirely normal.



Travelling the world
Rio de Janeiro – Indeed a wonderful city!

Piše: Maja Zlokić

To think of Rio de Janeiro means to think of the spectacular carnival, amazing natural environment, samba rhythms, sunshine, warm welcome, vibrant colors and the right atmosphere for a holiday!

To experience carnival madness, swimming and sunbathing on the beautiful several kilometers long beaches, to feel gold Ipanema and Copacabana sand under your feet, liveliness of city streets, the sounds of salsa and samba… these are just fragments of the Rio magic.

The city is lively by day and by night – concerts, performances and beach parties are organized on a daily basis, and the weather is almost always warm and sunny.

A multitude of young people and those who feel that way, of different cultures and nations, flock to Rio every year, and if you are intrigued by our story and plan to join travellers from around the world, we bring you the list of our top 10 attractions!

  1. THE CARNIVAL, NATURALLY. The main attraction of the Carnival in Rio is a spectacular show where 14 specialized samba schools go through Sambadrome – a 700 meters long carnival runway – and compete for the best group! The parade usually starts around 20:00 and lasts until the early morning hours, and attracts around 100,000 people from all over the world who enjoy the best samba rhythms and beautiful colorful costumes. Tickets range from approximately $ 50.
  2. GOLDEN SAND BEACHES. Visit Ipanema, the most beautiful beach in the world! Enjoy a variety of entertainment and sports facilities, various specialties, refreshing drinks and cocktails from 0-24h! The beaches are clean and very well maintained.
  3. RAZGLEDAJTE SIMBOL RIJA. Zadivljujući kip Krista Otkupitelja – Cristo Redentor, koji s brda Corcovado bdije nad gradom, upravo je zbog svoje ljepote, dimenzija i dominantnog položaja nad jednim od najljepših zaljeva na svijetu, najprepoznatljiviji simbol Rio de Janeira i Brazila.
  4. SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN. Rio certainly would not have been so fascinating without Sugarloaf Mountain! Its top is reached by a large cable car – a gondola known from the movie “Moonraker”. First stop is the Urca Mountain with beautiful gardens and a wonderful view of the bay of Botafogo, and second, Sugar Loaf Hill, offers a magnificent view of Copacabana Beach on one side and the Guanabara Bay on the other.
  5. RIO VS. FOOTBALL. Brazilian love for football is amazing – you get the impression that everyone is a footballer around here! If you’re a football fan, opt for a trip to Maracana, the cradle of the world football!
  6. WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS STEPS. Do not miss photographing on the “Escadaria Selaron”, the most famous steps in the world, located in Lapi. Stairs are the work of Chilean artist Jorge Selaron and perfectly reflect the spirit of Brazil and its inhabitants!
  7. NIGHTLIFE IN ITS ALL SPLENDOR. If you are a fan of nightlife, we recommend many restaurants and bars on the Ipanema and Le Blon, and a visit to the one of the most authentic world discotheques – Rio Scenarium!Image result for rio scenarium

    1. WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS STEPS. Do not miss photographing on the “Escadaria Selaron”, the most famous steps in the world, located in Lapi. Stairs are the work of Chilean artist Jorge Selaron and perfectly reflect the spirit of Brazil and its inhabitants!

    Image result for favelas rio
    Photo: Urban adventures

    9. VISIT FAVELAS – PLACES WHERE GLOBAL FOOTBALL STARS SPENT THEIR CHILDHOOD, NOWADAYS A TOURIST ATTRACTION. The most famous samba schools in Rio de Janeiro originate from these settlements in Brazil, despite the difficult conditions of life and poverty. World famous football names like Pele, Ronaldo, Rivaldo have grown up in favelas!

    10.GREEN OASIS IN THE CENTER OF RIO. Lovers of nature and healthy living will be swept off their feet by the beauty of Tijuca city forest, which is, with 32 square kilometers, the largest urban forest in the world. Besides outdoors fitness equipment, it has trails for cycling, running, inline skating…

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A couple of important tips for travelling to Rio:

  1. If you travel during the peak season, and book your ticket on time, a return ticket will cost you approximately 5000 kn
  2. Keep your bags close and avoid nighttime walks, carry only necessary items
  3. Use only taxi service by night – prices are slightly cheaper than ours
  4. Make sure you have enough cash, literally no cash machine is available after 22h
  5. Use a high protection sunscreen against dangerous UV radiation and repellents against mosquitoes.

Currency: 1 Brazilian Real = 1.9 HRK, bring USD from Europe, in banks you can get the best rate