Athena extra virgin olive oil – An enchanting tasty adventure on the island of Hvar!

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Athena is the highest quality olive of organic origin, one that will emphasise and round off the taste of absolutely everything it touches, and with it, even a piece of bread and cheese will become an intoxicating and enchanting tasty adventure.

This isn’t just any old, ordinary Dalmatian oil. History, tradition and centuries of extensive knowledge of island farmers are woven into OPG Plenković’s product. This liquid yellow gold comes from the island of Hvar bearing the strong name of Athena. This premium extra virgin olive oil was made from ripe olives from the Stari Grad plain.

. Its name alone alludes to precisely that, to the goddess Athena, one of the main figures of Greek mythology who gave the olive to the people. And the Greeks ennobled it, they made oil from it, which they kept in ceramic vessels – amphorae.

And so it should be done today. The exceptional Athena olive oil comes in ceramic bottles that preserve all of its nutritional properties. Athena is the food and cultural history of the island of Hvar, it is the essence of the coming together of both tradition and modern technology.

The packaging is customised and very pleasing to the eye, and it also comes in a limited series.

This year, they have about 500 white bottles at the Plenković family farm, with an additional limited series in black. Athena Premium carries a medium to intensely pronounced fruitiness in the scent of olive fruit and green grass, apple and tomato, with a dominant intense almond flavour, rounded off with notes of both artichoke and rocket.

Athena Slavač is a mild-tasting oil that will satisfy a wide range of consumers who prefer milder-strength olive oils. It boasts a delicate aroma of ripe olive fruit, a soft taste of ripe fruit and pronounced floral notes.

Due to the fact that a large part of the olive groves belonging to this family farm are located in the Stari Grad plain which is under the protection of UNESCO, Athena draws the strength of the microlocation in which it was born and matured.

In tasting Athena, one actually tastes the history of the island, absorbing the fruit of the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation for as many as 2400 years.

Stari Grad i Starogradsko polje | Stari Grad

Even in this very modern age, people still speak about the concept of terroir, which is what connects the taste and characteristics of this oil to the truly special peculiarities of its microlocation.

Athena is, as judged by the best experts in the field of oenology, table oil in the very best sense, one that will emphasise and round off the taste of quite literally everything it touches. And it will touch everything, from a simple piece of bread and cheese, to salted sardines and brujet (brodet).

Rhapsody will be made in every dish, it will stimulate the palate, cause a wave of gastronomic pleasure and enhance the importance of the most recognised, most appreciated and healthiest diet, the Mediterranean diet. Our diet.

The owners of the Plenković family farm are a couple called Magdalena and Ljupce Plenković, who, last year, decided to brand their olive oil and purchase more fields in addition to their inherited olive groves. Their plan is to plant more olives and gradually expand their production capacities.

“Our desire was to combine the indigenous product with the history and culture of the plain, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and pack it as a luxury souvenir.”

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This post is also available in: Croatian