Beach bar and restaurant Mina – An explosion of tastes and pleasure in the Jelsa way!

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As soon as we cast our eyes on the name of this sophisticated gastro point, we noticed that Mina was bursting full of charm. If, like us, you are a gastronomist who sticks firmly to their guns when it comes to their palate, this is exactly the feeling that will overwhelm you when visiting this gorgeous in beautiful Jelsa!

The visual identity of Mina itself just screams relaxation and enjoyment – the spacious interior enriched with natural materials such as stone and wood, and fabrics in soft beige shades, is carefully designed to blend this attractive lounge bar as unobtrusively as possible with an environment that is, in one word – beautiful!

And how else would it even be possible to begin to describe the turquoise blue bay surrounded by fragrant pine forests with a view of the Brač channel and the Makarska Riviera?

The restaurant is located just above the beach which bears the very same name, which is otherwise the most popular beach in all of Jelsa, located a mere few hundred metres away from the centre. There is also an Aqua Park located nearby.

An explosion of taste is the most appropriate expression for what awaits you there, pinned on an alluring gastro map. Whether you want grilled fresh fish spiced with homemade olive oil and Mediterranean aromatic herbs, delicious meat specialties, or some more exotic gastronomic sensations like spring rolls or wok vegetables, here you simply have – everything you might want, so much so that it’s difficult to imagine that Mina might not have something covered.

However, if we had to choose, we would recommend grilled gilthead sea bream, Adriatic octopus salad, fresh Adriatic shrimp, mussels and saltwater clams when it comes to the seafood delicacies, and delicious lamb for the avid meat lovers!

Even a cursory glance at the typically struct Tripadvisor revealed to us that guests, among other things, enjoyed the best pizzas they’d ever eaten, so if you want to go on a gastronomic journey to Italy, try out this favourite dish done in Jelsa’s interpretation of it.

For picky and curious palates, we also recommend the divine spaghetti aglio e olio, which enjoys an almost cult status in its homeland, and the friendly staff who know that food and wine go straight to the soul, will help you pair each of these wonderful dishes with a rich wine list and adequate drinks.

Don’t forget the cocktails! A delicious rhapsody of dishes is accompanied by an equally attractive drink menu. Is there anything better than sunbathing on comfortable loungers while relaxing with some of the masterfully prepared cocktails on offer?

We believe that you will want to immortalise this moment which is of true ‘’Bond-style’’ aesthetics with an beautiful photo posted on social media, and for a complete experience, we recommend ordering a Martini done in the way the world’s most famous secret agent likes it best – shaken, not stirred, op.a. ).

Whether or not you decide to taste other intoxicating delicacies – from gin with citrus, floral and fruity aromas, to Mai Tai and Long Island Ice Tea for the slightly braver among you, or maybe a Cosmopolitan – the favouurite drink of the famous columnist from the series “Sex and the City”, Carrie Bradshaw, you can be sure of one thing – the explosion of taste and pleasure hidden behind the name Mina, will shake up everything you knew about food and drink so far – and it will do so in the best possible way!


Jelsa 892A, 21465 Jelsa

This post is also available in: Croatian