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Turn on summer! Use the opportunity, a holiday for the youth in Split has never been more attractive or favourable!

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Come and see for yourself just how Dalmatia and Split have so much more to offer than sun and sea. Climb up to mountain peaks, surf the waves, explore the underwater world and experience the magic created by nature. Discover the beauty of living in good company and enjoying some unforgettable adventures…

When we look at the events that have happened to us throughout 2020 so far, it might occur to us to simply turn a few pages of this year’s book because we don’t like its content. The epidemic, the unemployment rate, not being able to go to school and college, quarantine, earthquakes, etc. These are all topics worthy of apocalyptic novels, they’re not so much the coveted light summer reading for relaxation.

The Student Centre in Split has made an effort to bring a ray of sunshine to these apocalyptic pages of the book and instruct us not to give up so easily when it comes to 2020, but to simply “turn the page of life’s book” into summer. is an application from the Student Centre in Split for all those who want to capture some beautiful memories in 2020. The purpose of the page is described in the slogan “Breathe freedom, feel happiness, experience adventure”, and these three things are what young people are longing for the most in 2020. For young people from Zagreb, Zagorje, Slavonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other neighboring countries, summer in Split has never been closer and more accessible.

Accommodation is provided in two student hostels located on the Campus and on Spinut. These modernly decorated hostels are located close to the beaches. In order to have a carefree holiday, the Student Center has also made sure to provide daily room service.

Each room has a private bathroom, and parking is provided. The hostel has sports fields, a gym and a sports hall. Guests can also use the lounge area with game consoles and laundry facilities.

Inside the building, there is a coffee bar where you can find refreshment during the summer evenings. So, everything you need for an ideal summer vacation is right here.

It only takes a few clicks on the page to make the right decision. In addition, in the application itself, you can find the answers to some logical questions that arise:

-How does one spend time creatively in Split?

-What natural and cultural sights are there to visit in Split and its surroundings?

  • Where is the best place to have fun?

The prices are more than favourable, so for seven days in a double room, you’ll pay 90 euros (680 hrk), and if you decide to go half board, the price will be 125 euros (942 hrk) for seven days.

It’s time to turn towards a new page in life. 

It’s never too late to make great memories. Not even in 2020.

This post is also available in: Croatian