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Sacral heritage of the island of Brač – not to miss treats for culture enthusiasts!

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WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF OUR BIGGEST ISLAND? As a “capital” of the tastiest lamb, a place where you can have great cycling experience in idyllic Mediterranean ambience, an oasis of Robinson vacation or a perfect getaway for bathing, sunbathing and water sports? 

Perhaps you did not know that together with many various and attractive aspects, Brač has even 116 sacral buildings, thus being a true heaven for culturists! In order to preserve them and make them marketable, four years ago an attractive guide was published in which sights have been catalogued in 5 cultural itineraries. We have singled out some that are truly worth visiting!

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VISIT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BELL TOWER ON DALMATIAN ISLANDS. Whoever watched “Little place” by Miljenko Smoje, must remember emblematic opening scene where the “main role” is played by picturesque place on the west side of the island – Ložišća! 

Zvonik crkve u Ložišćima na Braču remek djelo I Rendića 1

Image of an idyllic place of steep and narrow streets with houses spread out like someone tossed out some pearls is dominated by  the most beautiful bell tower of all – not only on Brač, but on all Dalmatian islands in general! Enjoy in sightseeing this magnificent, tall and decorated bell tower from 19th century, a work of the great Ivan Rendić. Do not forget to take a few photos, which will be a real treat for aesthetes and cultural enthusiasts on social networks.

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DISCOVER THE SPRINGS OF SACRAL TREASURES – BAROQUE AND MEDIEVAL CHURCHES. For those in love with sacral art we warmly recommend sightseeing parish churches all over the island (like the one in Selca!). 

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Enjoy in their mostly baroque features and worthy altarpieces, whose authors are Ridolfi, Bassano, Balestra, Diziani and even famous Tintoretto, whose great altarpiece is kept in Dominican Pinacoteca in Bol! 

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 If you want to visit medievalchurches, of characteristic hanging arches and bell towers which were several centuries later upgraded to the distaff, visit church of St. Peter in Dol with the oldest bell of that kind. The interior of these edifices usually keeps worthy altar reliefs, whose authors are famous artist slike JurajDalmatianac, Nikola Firentinac or Nikola Lazanić, a sculptor form Brač.

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VISIT A CRADLE OF EARLY CHRISTIANITY – AND A CAVE WITH DRAGONS! For those in love with cultural heritage, early – Christian churches and churches on places of pre-Christian cults are a true curiosity.

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It’s also worth visiting remains of basilica in Povlja and its baptistery preserved up to the roof, and a basilica in Lovrečina with preserved murals and renewed baptistery vessel; while a series of fragments of stone furniture from these churches can be seen in Museum of the island Brač in Škrip. Among the localities that date back to even earlier periods (like St. Vid on Vidova gora or St. Duh near Gornji Humac) Dragon’s Cave is especially interesting. It was named after a relief of a dragon, which presents a mixture of Slavic mythology and Christian iconography, thus fantastically depicting spirituality of the contemporary human – paganism reconciled with Christianity! Sightseeing of Dragon’s Cave is actually a great excursion, on which even the makers of “Game of Thrones” would envy you, since Bračhad its dragons for a while now!

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VISIT BLACA DESERT – A STONE JEWEL IN ROCKY WASTELAND! We’ve left one of the most striking locations for the end – for centuries upgraded monastery in Blacadesert! Once it was a world-famous astronomical observatory, it had its own printing office, while due to extensive book collection, unique furniture, old weapons and clockscollection, it is attractive even today. Staying in an authentic ambience of former monks’ and Glagolitic priests’ residence – who wrote pages of rich monastery’s library in one of the three variants of Croatian Cyrillic  – poljičica, for all those who truly enjoy in culture is a  – real treat!




This post is also available in: Croatian